Commercial Pollination

Australian Native Bees are extremely effective pollinators of many horticultural crops as well as native plants. They have a number of advantages which have proven to increase nut and fruit size and yield. Their small size allows them to easily negotiate small, delicate flowers such as the macadamia flower. The bees have only about a 500 M flight range from their hive so if placed in the middle of an orchard, they will only work flowers within this range. Normal honeybees have a much greater flight range and can often fly straight past the intended host crop in search of more appealing flowers. Also while honeybees forage for nectar and pollen spread is incidental, native bees visit mainly for pollen which greatly assists crops which require cross pollination. 

The following is a list of horticultural crops on which native stingless bees have been used;

Macadamia, Avacado, Strawberries, Rockmelon, Watermelon, Mango, Blueberries, Citrus and Lychee. Many more are being trialed.




Kin Kin Native Bees offers hives for pollination on a rental basis. Contact us for further information on this service.






Backyard Pollination

A hive of Australian Native Stingless Bees is a must for any avid backyard veggie grower, market gardener or hobby farmer. Not only will they pollinate your fruit trees and veggie plants but, as they are stingless, you can put your hive right in the middle of your plot or yard without the fear of anyone being stung. This also lets you and the kids get right up close to the hive and watch the bees take off to forage and then return carrying their little bags of pollen, land,  and run into the hive. Here's a tip though. When watching your bees stand slightly to the side of the hive so as the bees approach on their return flight they can still see the entrance to their hive.

With the addition of an extra level to your hive (honey super) you too can produce your own delicious native bee honey.